Christine Maysombol: South Health Campus YMCA Youth Volunteer of the Year


Meet Christine Maysombol, South Health Campus YMCA’s Youth Volunteer of the Year!

What is your volunteer role at YMCA? What does a shift look like?
I generally supervise the children’s activities and make sure that everyone’s being safe. I help out at the climbing walls when it gets really busy, and clean up at the end.

How long have you been involved at YMCA and in what capacity? (Whether as a member, volunteer camper, program participant, staff, etc.)
I began volunteering for Teen Night (now Flames Fridays) in mid-April of 2014.

What do you like about volunteering at YMCA?
I really like how the children are always energetic and up to play any of the games. I also found that spending Friday nights volunteering at the YMCA is a great way to end my week. It’s a great place to volunteer because the atmosphere is laid back and welcoming, and the staff and members are really friendly.

Why did you choose to volunteer at YMCA over another organization?
I see the YMCA as an organization that is very involved with youth, and being a youth myself, I thought it was a great idea to support and be part of something that promotes and positively impacts the well-being of people around my age group.

Why are you a volunteer?
I volunteer at the YMCA as a way to increase my involvement. I always go to the YMCA to use the facility and it’s become something I do regularly and volunteering is a great way to know more about the organization and to give back. I chose to volunteer specifically for Flames Friday because I really enjoy activities that involve working and interacting with children – there’s never a dull moment.

What are your plans for the future? How has YMCA benefited you for school or your career?
In the future, I plan on moving forward to post-secondary education. My main interests are currently in studying Psychology or International Relations. Volunteering at the YMCA has benefited me by helping me become more social, working well with others, and learning how to interact with different age groups.

Through this volunteer experience, I was also able to realize my strengths and improve on my weaknesses. All these skills have been beneficial for school and in my everyday life, as I’ve improved in the way that I present myself and became more comfortable talking to others.