Chill out – winter exercise is simple at the Y

Brrrr! Old man winter is slowly waking as the leaves drop from the trees and dance to the tune of fall’s winds.

And as summer fades into memory I find it harder and harder to pull on my running shoes and get out and active. OK, I admit it, I am most definitely a fair weather runner. The idea of huffing and puffing away as my nostrils freeze on a chilly morning jog is not one which appeals, so what to do?

After all, long, lazy summer evenings have taken their toll as the pounds from BBQs and wine on the patio add up. While an extra layer may help keep the cold at bay when I’m attempting, yet again, to learn to ski in the beautiful Rockies this winter, I figure if I want to get into my Christmas party dresses I’d better get out there!

It’s as if the program organizers at the YMCA read my mind – here, as fall begins, is an array of exercise programs to satisfy all of those fair weather joggers out there. So there really are no excuses for not being fit enough for skiing or snowboarding, or allowing those summer pounds to hang around into the new year.

I’m looking forward to trying something new, perhaps one of the Olympics-inspired programs, and to staying active throughout the long, Canadian winter.

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