Change for Kids is underway!

What is Change for Kids?

Change for Kids a fun fundraising event where members and participants save spare change in a Change for Kids bottle provided by YMCA Calgary to raise money for our annual Strong Kids Campaign. This year YMCA Calgary’s goal is $1.5 million, all money raised goes towards providing children and youth with great experiences such as swimming lessons or going to camp.

How can you participate?

Stop by the member services desk at any YMCA Calgary to pick up your bottle. Bottles are limited so visit soon!

Place your Change for Kids Bottle in a convenient location at home or your office where family members or co-workers can deposit spare change over the next few months. No donation is considered too small.

When your Change for Kids Bottle is full (or by November 8th), please return it to the member services desk. We will graciously take your donation and give back your bottle for personal use. You can also fill it as many times as you’d like!

Thank you!