Change Doesn’t Happen Overnight

How long does it take to see results/changes in your body after starting a new exercise regimen?

  • No matter what type of new exercise you engage in, the first 4-6 weeks is solely based on physiological adaptation. 
  • PHYSIOLOGICAL ADAPATATION: Is your body’s response/ability to cope with the changing environment that is being applied.
  • Movement requires activation and control of the musculoskeletal system; the cardiovascular and respiratory systems provide the ability to sustain this movement over extended periods. When the body engages in exercise training several times a week or more frequently, each of these physiologic systems undergoes specific adaptations that increase the body’s efficiency and capacity.
  • Once your body has coped with the changing environment it will slowly allow other changes to occur, allowing you to meet your fitness goals.
  • KEY MESSAGES: Just because you don’t see immediate results from training doesn’t mean you should stop! Your body acts as a protective mechanism, once it is put into a new environment it will try to cope in its own way until it feels safe. Keep up the good work!

Written by Katelynn Van Engelen, South Health Campus YMCA