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YMCA Fact: CDN Universities

Concordia University was originally founded by the YMCA of Montreal when it formed the Montreal YMCA Schools in 1926, which later became Sir George William University (named after the founder of the YMCA), before taking on its current name.

The YMCA of Ottawa saw a need for higher education and started Carleton College in 1942 as a post-secondary institution, open to everyone, with full-scale day and evening classes. The College later became Carleton University.

The YMCA of North Toronto was instrumental in the development of York University in 1959.

YMCA Fact: Basketball Invented at YMCA

Basketball was invented by Canadian YMCA Physical Director, James Naismith in December 1891. He was given just two weeks to come up with an indoor game that would amuse students more than standard calisthenics.

Hanging peach baskets to gymnasium balconies, Naismith tacked 13 rules to the wall and unveiled his game to the students. The game was an instant hit. The peach basket was quickly replaced by a wire basket with a hole in the bottom, through which a broom handle could be inserted to pop the ball out, after a bucket had been scored.