Catching Up with Jacklyn Mann, 2010 YMCA Peace Medal Recipient

The 2010 YMCA Calgary Peace Medals Recipient for Community Individual was Jacklyn Mann.

Jacklyn Mann is a great example of a Calgarian who has affected the lives of thousands of people. She is the prime mover behind several local non-profit groups.

“I do a lot of work in different communities and with different organizations, says Jackie. “I am a co-founder and volunteer with The Good Life Community Bicycle Shop. We provide bicycle education and services to Calgarians. I work for Two Wheel View, another bicycle-based non-profit that runs after-school critical-hour programming for youth who wouldn’t otherwise have a chance to do something healthy and fun.”

Two Wheel View also has an Earn-A-Bike program for youth who want to work on recycled bikes and earn a bike of their own. In addition, the organization takes young people on international bicycle adventures. This summer, Jackie led a group of ten young people on a bike trip to the Arctic Circle of Norway.

A colleague has said about Jackie: “Everything she does is geared towards community building.” Jackie works with a diverse range of people–always with the goal of removing barriers and building community.

Jaclyn Mann is passionate about creating positive change in her community. “For me, peace is a strong community with a lot of supports and values like equality, respect for each other and of the earth.”

If know of an individual or group like Jacklyn Mann who helps to build peace in their community, nominate them for a 2013 YMCA Calgary Peace Medal!