Can Your Neighborhood Determine Your Fitness Level?

This article on is super interesting. It talks about how the design of neighborhoods has a clear impact on the level of health and fitness of the people living nearby. Here is a bit from the article:

“As a young psychologist, James Sallis was interested in exploring the motivation behind getting people to exercise. But it wasn’t long before he discovered that existing theories designed to improve exercise adherence were, for the most part, ineffective.

It was then that he decided to approach exercise motivation from a different angle, namely how the environment we live in affects physical activity. He visited low-income neighbourhoods, typically hotbeds of inactivity, and noticed very few parks, recreation centres and fitness clubs. Sidewalks were also either nonexistent or in poor repair. And many of the residents considered their neighbourhood too dangerous to play outside, go for a walk or ride a bike.”

Read the full article written by Jill Barker on the website.