Can Deadlift be deadly?

 The deadlift is an exercise that trains your body to pick up a heavy object from the ground and it is one of the 3 main lifts in the sport of powerlifting. The deadlift is one of the most efficient exercises around when it comes to building strength, power and a solid core in addition to improving overall sports performance. It is a good tool to train the posterior chain (hamstring, gluteus and back muscles). Usually works great for intermediate, advance lifters, but not for beginners!!!

Before trying to do it on your own it is suggested to work with a trainer to check your ability to perform it with good technique. To perform a deadlift well requires a certain degree of hip and thoracic spine mobility as well as ample posterior chain (calf, hamstring, glute, back) flexibility.

Deadlift Pros:

  • Compound movement: recruits a lot of muscle and trains your whole body
  • Works the posterior chain
  • Natural movement

Deadlift Cons:

  • Not for beginners
  • It takes some time to learn proper technique
  • Wrong technique can cause injury:
  • Limited ROM at the knee, compared to squats.
  • Lifting big weights generates huge compressive forces in the spine.

I will not even get into describing the technique for the dead lift here as I believe that it cannot be taught through description and pictures. It needs time and coaching to develop the right movement patterns and every individual will be different in developing the right technique. A fitness professional can observe and adjust the exercise to meet individual needs. The coach might need to modify and teach supplementary exercises. The most common mistake is rounding the back and most people don’t even realize they are doing it. This can lead to severe back injury.

We are always here to help you and keep your safety in first.  Please see one of our trainers if you have questions about this exercise!


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Stephen Bergeron, CSCS, CPT

Wiki How to do: edited by Cem, Jack Herrick