Camp Chief Hector YMCA – drop-off and pick-up times

Camp Chief Hector YMCA overnight camps begin on Sundays and end on Fridays.

Check-in begins at Camp at 11am (see below for directions).
Check-in at the Crowfoot YMCA or Shawnessy YMCA is from 9-9:30am. The busses leave promptly at 9:40am.
Gray Jay campers ride the bus from the Crowfoot YMCA in Calgary directly to our Gray Jay site. This includes: Kananaskin Horse (females) camps, Pioneer Gray Jay camps, Pioneer Hike/Horse camps, Sr. Shotungwa camps, Leadership 1 Hike/Horse camps.

The bus arrives at the Crowfoot YMCA at approximately 11am.
The bus arrives at the Shawnessy YMCA at approximately 11:30am.
Pick up your child at our mainsite (in the Bow Valley) at 11am.

Directions to Camp 
NOTE: Google Maps is often incorrect as to the location of our site as they use our postal code not our physical address.