Bring the whole family to upcoming International Women’s Day Event!

Blog written by: Deborah Wong, International Committee Volunteer

Do you know what’s going to happen on Saturday, March 8th? March 8th is not just another Saturday where people hang out and enjoy their weekend. According to The United Nations, and local agency partnerships around Calgary, March 8th is a day to celebrate the contribution to our community that are made from women all around the world and to raise awareness to different issues that women are facing nowadays.

In Canada, we are blessed with the rights and freedoms that we are enjoying right now, but often take them for granted. As a global citizen and a person living in a developed country, what can we do to contribute in our community? Or in a bigger picture, what can we do to make our world a more equal place for everyone, no matter what gender you are?

This year on March 8th, YMCA International Committee is cooperating with CIWA and Calgary Public Library to hold an event called “Beyond Present, A Woman’s Journey Through Time.” It will be held at Crowfoot, Forest Lawn, Saddletowne and Shawnessy Library at 11 am to 2 pm on March 8th. By participating in this event, you will get to know more about how women have made a change in our history and how can we help to make women more equal in other countries through games, presentation and varies activities. We are hoping to see you all there and make our world a better place together.