Books for Bogota

In November of 2011 I visited the Bogota YMCA. There were many things that were different from the Calgary Y but one thing that stuck with me was the lack of English reading materials available for their ESL program. Kids are so excited to have English books for their use, but often the books go home and are used beyond recognition so that it depletes the supply very quickly.

Returning home, I set my sights on sharing my findings and making a difference in some small way. With the help of YMCA Calgary staff I knew I could collect enough children’s’ books to have an impact on available resources at the Bogota Y. Emails were sent, posters created, and within weeks we had more than enough books to fill two Y gym bags to be carried by Kelly and Nancy on their trip later in February.  The delivery was a hit. So much so that by the time Helene and Tanis left last week we had two more bags to go! I hope that every time someone flies to Bogota we can send a bag of books. A small gesture with such a huge impact! Imagine the possibilities!