Best Fitness Tips

We’ve compiled this list of great fitness tips from around the web to help you get going with your 2013 health & wellness goals.

Remember YMCA is here to give you a hand reaching health & wellness goals. We offer all sorts of services and programs to help keep you on track. Here are a just few:

  • FitLinxx. FitLinxx is a computerized tracking system connected to our cardiovascular equipment as well as a carefully selected group of our resistant training equipment. The system adds an extraordinary ‘intelligent’ dimension to the workout experience—exercise machines are networked into a central database, providing exercisers and staff access to a wealth of information on individual progress and a unique set of motivational tools.
  • Coach Approach. FREE one-on-one meetings with a YMCA wellness coach – INCLUDED with every adult membership.
  • Personal Trainers. YMCA Strength and Conditioning staff provide personal training to help participants start an exercise program and work towards acheiving fitness goals.
  • Massage. Eau Claire YMCA offers massage services by appointment only. Benefits professional massage can provide: Reduced stress and improved sleep patterns, relaxation of muscles and improved circulation, chronic pain relief and enhanced range of motion and muscle flexibility (injury prevention).