Be Your Best

Join us for a wellness speaker series in partnership with Alberta Health Services. A selection of passionate nurses, dieticians and psychologists are lined up to share some of the latest information, provide tips, dispel myths and answer questions related to each topic. Learn to improve your lifestyle, achieve your goals and be your best.

Space is limited. Register at Member | Non-member: $25 per topic

Managing Stress with Mindfulness
Eau Claire YMCA | Oct 11 | 12:05-1:00pm
When facing significant stress or anxiety, people often find themselves avoiding the people, places and things that are stressful for them.  This presentation will help you recognize triggers and employ relaxation practices to help work through times of stress.

Eating for Energy
Crowfoot YMCA  | Oct 18 | 7-9pm
Do you get tired in the afternoon or find it difficult to get through your day?  Find out which foods and combinations can boost your mental clarity, vitality and stamina throughout the day.

Ten Secrets to Healthy Living and What’s Up Doc!
Saddletowne YMCA | Oct 22 & 29 | 7-9pm
It’s a two for one offer. For one fee, these topics run on consecutive Mondays.

Ten Secrets to Healthy Living
Medical advances have improved women’s health.  Discover the treatments, interventions, and steps you can take to increase your health, longevity, and happiness.

What’s Up Doc?
Learn how to ask the right questions, use your appointment times effectively, and things you can do to take control in today’s health system.

Understanding Menopause
Shawnessy YMCA | Nov 28 | 7-9pm
Menopause doesn’t have to be so dreadful. Gain knowledge and tips to help you understand and manage this natural stage in your life.

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