Back to School – For Parents


There are a few key things to think about as the kids go back to school. By taking some time to set up some healthy habits, parents can make sure you are healthy and available for your kids when they need you.

Routine Preparation – Before school starts, figure out the best time for your family for things like packing lunches (is it the night before or the morning of?), doing laundry, signing permission slips and setting timetables for things like who showers first. This can make mornings and evenings run just a little more smoothly with less stress – and leave more time for quality family fun.

Schedule Sleep – The kids have a firm bedtime during the school week and so should you. By making sure you get adequate sleep, you’ll be healthier and more present when you’re with your family.

Snack Healthy – Healthy, balanced meals are important. But so are snacks. When you put healthy snacks like apples and yogurt in your kids’ lunches, pack some for yourself too. You’ll be less likely to run to the newsstand for a bag of chips and more likely to feel lighter and less groggy by the end of the work day.

Move More – Find ways to energize yourself with exercise and make them into quality time with your family. Do you like running? Go for a jog – or better yet – go play a game of tag with the kids.

By focusing on your own health as well as the health of your kids, back to school can feel a little less stressful, a little less chaotic, and a little more fun.