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South Fish Creek Recreation Centre Evacuation Site

Premier Alison Redford and Minister of Health Fred Horne toured the SFC Evacuation Site this morning. Premier Redford, Minister Horne, and YMCA COO Kelly Smith spoke with seniors, visited with nurses, and thanked people for their patience and their incredible demonstrations of resiliency during these times of crisis.

Crowfoot YMCA Update

The phones are still out of service at the Crowfoot YMCA and no incoming or outgoing calls.  Staff remain able to communicate as required via cell phones and the branch is fully operational this morning.

Crowfoot YMCA Phones Currently Out of Service

Unfortunately, no incoming or outgoing phone service currently at the Crowfoot YMCA.  We will advise as soon as the phones are operational again.  In the meantime, staff on site are able to maintain communication via cell phones.  Sorry for this inconvenience.

Aboriginal Youth Hoops Canceled

Due to the numerous closures and evacuations, the Aboriginal
Awareness Week Family Day event has been cancelled. Therefore, the annual
Aboriginal Youth Hoops tournament set to run at Millennium Park on Saturday has
also been cancelled.

Strong Kids Golf Tournament

Thank you to all the golfers who were still able to make out and support our Strong Kids golf tournament.  Despite no golf, everyone still enjoyed YMCA fellowship, the silent auction, and a great dinner.  Many children and youth in our community will benefit from everyone’s wonderful support.

Thank you again for making a difference in our community!

A Generous Legacy Gift

A very generous legacy gift of $117,000,000 was made to The Calgary Foundation today by Mr. Daryl “Doc” Seaman.

This is an amazing, almost incomprehensible gift, that truly will create a legacy for generations to come in our great city.

I attended the celebration luncheon to recognize, celebrate, and announce this gift. What amazed me even more was how little people talked about the money.  Speaker after speaker spoke about Doc’s character, his legendary handshake, his Saskatchewan roots, his care for others, his desire to “leave everything as good as you found it, if not better.”

Legacy is a powerful word—and today, I saw and heard first-hand—just how much of a legacy Doc has already created and just how much more will be created because of his character.

While we may not all have $117 million dollars, we all have character.

And character, does indeed, determine each of our legacies.

Thank you, Doc–for inspiring us all to think about how we will leave everything better than we found it.

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