Article: The OTHER Awkward Talk You Need to Have with your Kids

Writer Suzanna da Baca takes a look at teaching your kids about money and finances in an article on the Time Healthland website:

“When I was growing up in Iowa, we didn’t talk about money in my family. My parents valued teaching my siblings and me about saving, budgeting and earning money, but conversations about our family’s economic situation and financial decisions were rare. This was typical at the time — especially in the Midwest, so to my friends and me, money was shrouded in some level of secrecy. Later, when my family hit a rough patch during the farm crisis, we began having more open conversations about money. And while those talks were very difficult at first, it was a relief to understand more about our family’s finances.”

The article provides suggestions for ongoing education of young people on the value and use of money and savings, such as finding teachable moments in everyday life. Plus there are helpful links to other related topics.