Alone While We Are Together

We always seem to be working hard, so I am going to take time to focus a bit more on some stress-reducing activities.  I would like to start off by saying that these types of activities have quite a few things in common.  They are done in places that have a relaxing atmosphere, are generally filled with groups of people with their noses buried in their electronic devices…wait a minute!  Filled with people encompassed by time spent with an electronic device?  This is true.  Most people these days seem to relax by turning on the TV, computer, smartphone, tablet, video game console.  This can be for a number of reasons, some obvious and some not so much.  Relaxing used to be done by going to places to interact face to face with friends or colleagues, but these days most people seem to use the internet, TV, game console or phone instead for relaxation.  All out of convenience.

I remember running up the block to knock on a friend’s door to see if they could come “outside” and play.  I never texted or Facebooked (possibly a new word), mostly because it was unavailable, but I would go for the face to face interaction.  There was also no Googling (another new word) or going onto YouTube when I hung out with friends.  It was mostly imagination, talking and play, and, a lot of the time, this was done in the outdoors.  Occasionally when the weather didn’t cooperate we did hang out inside, but there were not that many screens around when we did (If you know me, Hot Wheels and Lego).  Remembering this can give credence to healthy relationships.  Conversing face to face, usually with nothing in between.  No phones to be seen.  Face to face interactions without a screen in the midst are becoming few and far between.

Most interactions these days take place over email, Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and the list goes on.  This is especially true with the younger generations.  Convenience is stepping between us and our health, both physical and mental.  It has become way more convenient to turn to technology, instead of going into nature or even doing the simple task of meeting to chat with friends.  Even though we are connecting a lot more easily through technology, relationships are suffering and we are actually becoming more alone.

These experiences ended up bringing groups closer together and helped to develop strong relationships.  There were so many opportunities to develop new strong relationships and build upon existing ones.  Technology has the power to connect us, but make us more alone.  That is if we are not careful and mindful about it.  This video is great and delves deep into how we are becoming more connected through technology, but asks the question of whether it is actually making us more alone:

When we are connected through technology, we are together, but alone.  I don’t really need to say more…

Unplug and Play!