All About Bottled Water in Canada

Bottled water is water which has been packaged in sealed containers for human consumption. The water can come from a variety of sources including springs, aquifers, or municipal supplies and may be treated to make it fit for human consumption.

In Canada, bottled water is regulated as a food and therefore it must comply with the Food and Drugs Act. Section 4 of the Act prohibits the sale of foods which contain poisonous or harmful substances and section 5(1) of the Act prohibits the labelling, packaging, treating, processing, selling or advertising of any food in a manner that misleads or deceives consumers as to the character, value, quantity, composition, merit or safety of the product.

There are specific regulations for bottled water set out in Division 12 of Part B of the Food and Drug Regulations. The regulations provide definitions for different types of bottled water and specify microbiological standards, acceptable treatments and labelling requirements for these products.

The information above and more information about bottled water in Canada can be found on the Health Canada website.