Adopt a Family Thank-you

I know Christmas is long over and it’s almost February, but let me remind you of Family 2 in our Adopt a Family Program here at Eau Claire. Family two was mom and dad and four boys. They boys are 16, 6, 2 and 6 months.  Mom and dad asked for  and received items like transit tickets, grocery gift cards and a garbage can for the kitchen. The oldest boy received gift cards, because when you’re 16 nothing is more cool than getting to spend your gift cards at the mall with your friends. The younger kids got clothes, a foamy for camping, craft supplies and diapers.

 Today I  was reminded why we do what we do.  I received a thank-you letter in the mail from family 2. This is what the mom wrote:


Sorry Jenny it has taken so long to reply back over Christmas for the adopt a family program we received. We were so grateful for all you gave to us. You definitely made our Christmas complete.

My oldest son was very impressed by the gift cards especially. He was happy for all he received.

The two youngest boys are still too young enough to have known what was really going on. Yet I can assure you that tearing up all that wrapping paper was fun for them and made them laugh and smile.

Our six year old was so grateful for all he received. When he opened his blue foamy for camping he looked at it weird and said ‘what’s this for?’ I then told him ‘it’s so you no longer have to bring so many blankets to camp’ (to double them up as a foamy). He thought that was a good idea and then asked ‘so when are we going camping?’ and  I had to laugh as winter camping is quite cold. The 6 year old was very happy to have the honors of passing out gifts to us, to mommy and papa as we usually only worry about the kids as not enough money to get us gifts. We also appreciate the gift cards as it freed up some of our money that we would use otherwise on groceries etc to put forth on bills.

Again thanks so much for everything. So very much appreciated.

To all the members, volunteers and staff who gave gifts or time to the Adopt a Family Program, Thank-you.