Adam and Ashlyn take a stand for kids

A summer afternoon lemonade and ice tea stand gives hope, health, and the power of potential to kids who benefit from the YMCA’s Strong Kids Campaign.

Not your regular lemonade stand.  Not your regular kids.  When Adam (Age 10) and Ashlyn (Age 7) stirred their lemonade and brewed their ice tea, they were preparing for more than a day at their stand, they were preparing kids for life.

The YMCA’s Strong Kids Campaign raises funds for YMCA programs that give kids opportunities to reach their full potential:  to live healthier, happier lives today and grow into more productive adults in the future, regardless of their background or financial situation.

Adam and Ashlyn raised a total of $89.15 on Wednesday afternoon, with 100% of the proceeds going to the YMCA’s Strong Kids Campaign.  Check out how Adam and Ashlyn’s efforts translate into opportunities for Strong Kids recipients:

  • $10/month enables a family peace of mind as their child attends day camp in a fun, nurturing, and safe environment.
  • $20/month supports a teen to participate in leadership development programs; building their skills, character and self esteem.
  • $50/month can change a child’s life at YMCA overnight Camp
  • $83/month ensures a whole family can enjoy the lasting benefits of regular physical activity at their local YMCA


Could Adam and Ashlyn’s Dad, Ken Lima-Coelho of YMCA Calgary, be any prouder? Thank you Lima-Coelho Family for helping raise strong kids.

Every kid deserves a chance to reach their potential.  Follow Adam and Ashlyn’s lead by fundraising or donating today and help us build happier kids and healthier communities.  Visit for details.