Active Y Kids Program


Although I have only been delivering the Active Y Kids program for 11 weeks now I have seen so many positive changes in the kids. My second week delivering the Active Y Kids program I had one of my participants come up to me and ask for a list of the healthier choices that she could get if she was to go out to a fast food restaurant. We then had kids ask about salads and which salad dressing are the better ones to buy, so that she can tell her mom. 

After one of the AYK sessions I had one of the participants ask me for a take home workout that they could do at home when it was too cold to go outside.

About 6 week into the program I had one of the participant come in with hand drawn sheet with yoga positions on it. She had spent her free time on the computer after school to look up yoga positions that she could teach us. She said that she knows how important stretching is now and asked if she could show the class the different yoga positions she found on the computer and on her Wii.  I now have her teaching our stretching portion of the AYK program. She has now got most of the kids really enjoying stretching. The kids now see not only me being passionate about the stretching and how important it is, they now see one of their peers so passionate.  Almost every time I walk in to teach the program now I have most of the kids asking me if we can do yoga today and now most of them enjoy stretching.

I had another participant who had come to me because his muscles were really tight and sore. I talked to him about the main stretches that would help him loosen up his muscles. I told him to make sure he stretches everyday and do the stretches in the morning before school and before bed. He came back after the weekend and he thanked me for showing him those stretches and that they made his muscle feel so much better. He then went on to say that now he knows why it is so important to stretch. 

I enjoy seeing the benefits that the Active Y Kids Program has on the kids every day!

YMCA Calgary is currently running Active Y Kids programs out in the Community at Chinook Park School, West Dover School, and Cappy Smart School.  We are also running them out of Crowfoot, Shawnessy, and Saddletowne YMCA Branches.

beginning in January, YMCA Calgary is pleased to be offering more Active Y Kids programs. We will be out in the community at Ramsay School, Colonel Walker School, Haultain Memorial School, and Connaught School. Than in April we will be expanding to Sherwood Park School in April.  We will also be continuing to run Active Y Kids out of Crowfoot, Shawnessy, Eau Claire, Saddletowne and South Health Campus YMCA Branches.