Active Y Kids

YMCA Calgary is pleased to be offering Active Y Kids for children 8 – 12 years of age. Currently running out of three afterschool locations and three YMCA branches, the program promotes the importance of physical activity for children in a fun and engaging way. Active Y Kids operates 2 days/week for 12 weeks and is FREE of charge for participants.

Participating children have the opportunity to improve their overall health through a variety of activities and fun games led by trained instructors. Children learn about cardiovascular and muscular conditioning activities, nutrition and personal development. While each session is filled with lots to do and learn, the overall goal is to encourage young people to establish a lifelong routine that will support their health goals.

Brooke Rommens, Active Y Kids Supervisor, says the the kids really enjoy the program. Three weeks into the program she had kids asking for take home workouts to do during those snowy days they can’t play outside. Kids were also coming to session with new game suggestions and how the games could be changed to make them “workout games.”

Brooke found that a recent session dealing with nutrition and product labels really intrigued one group. After talking about the many “code names” for sugar and how to detect them on food labels, the group has asked Brooke to supply them with a booklet that will help them know what ingredients to look for in foods their family typically purchases from the grocery store.

Brooke knows the facts and stats about the importance of healthy lifestyle choices for children. Through her work with Active Y Kids participants she also knows that they, too, are wanting to take an active role in their own health and well being.

To learn more about programs YMCA Calgary offers that support children and youth to be active and have fun check out the program guide of the YMCA closest to you

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For more information about Active Y Kids, contact Brooke Rommens, Active Y Kids Supervisor                                 T 403-256-5533  Ext 3284 or

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