How to Stay Active at Home When It’s Too Cold to Go Outside

mother son reading

Kids have energy. Sometimes that energy seems to be too much for indoors, but the weather outside is just too cold and snowy to spend more than a few minutes outside.

So what do you do?

I’ve done some research and asked some friends with kids for their ideas.

1. Blow up a balloon and try to keep it off the floor

2. Play Hide and Seek

3. Active Reading – choose an often repeated word in a book and read out loud, any time the chosen word is said you have to stand up or sit down

4. Play charades – pick a category of animals or jobs or even people you know

5. Play Freeze Frame – play music and dance or move around until the music stops then everyone has to stay still until mom or dad turns the music back on

6. Spell words by making letters with only your body

7. Build an obstacle course of pillows, chairs, tape and string

8. Play follow the leader

And two mommy favourites are:

9.    Do yoga or an exercise video together in the living room

10.  Make cleaning into a game