A day in the life of a Riveredge Camper

My name is Daniel and I am a 9 year old boy. It’s my first time at YMCA Camp Riveredge, and I was very excited! I wanted to share what I did each day so I can remember my favorite parts of camp!

These were my counselors and one of the tipi’s at Riveredge

I was dropped off at 7:30am at the Eau Claire YMCA. The counselors  talked to me and played games with us while we waited for the other campers to arrive. At 8:00am we walked downstairs to get on the bus for Riveredge!

When we got there, we went to flag. The counselors sang silly songs and we played games. I guess sometimes they even do a funny skit! When all the campers were there, I found my counselor and we started the day

We spent the first bit of the morning playing a game called camouflage in main field. I liked running through the tree circle and hiding from other campers. I’ve made a good friend in my group, and we like to hide together. When we were all tired we sat down to have a snack in the shade of the trees.

After snack, we headed to the tipi’s to get ready for River Run! I got to change in the boys tipi, then we walked over to the aquatics shed, it’s called the Panabode. The aquatics counselor explained the rules of the river, and then we got to pick a tube and a life jacket. The rest of the time we spent floating down the river and body surfing at Sandy Beach! SWEET!

After all that rafting, it was time for lunch. My group sat down to eat and dry off in the sun. We also made sure to put some more sunscreen, just in case it washed off in the water

After lunch, we went to archery. Our counselor explained how to safely use a bow and arrow and we all got to try to get a bullseye. A few people in my group were really close. Everyone loved trying, so maybe if we have time later in the week we can go back and try again.

Time for arts and crafts. The theme for the week was superheroes, so we designed and made our own superhero masks! I think mine is pretty cool so I’m going to wear it on Friday for All Camps Day. That’s when the entire camp dresses up and we get to play superhero games together.

Then we went back to main field to play the Animal game. We got split into lower herbivores, lower carnivores, upper herbivores and upper carnivores. I was herbivore and had to try to search for food and water hidden in the trees but look out for the carnivores! Carnivores had to look for water too, but their food is other animals so they could tag us and take one of our lives. We were told to make sure we knew the food chain, because lower carnivores can only eat lower herbivores, but upper carnivores can eat everything!

After all that running around, I was tired! My group took a rest in the shade and my counselor made sure we drank lots of water. It was time to head back to flag to meet the rest of the camp. We sang some more silly songs and got on the bus to go back to Eau Claire.

Around 5:00pm-5:30pm we got back to Eau Claire and my mom was there to sign me out. I had a great day at camp and can’t wait to go back tomorrow – the schedule says we get to do a challenge course!

Camp Riveredge still has space in it’s camps for this summer – weeks of Aug 6th, Aug 12th and 19th. Please call 403-269-6701 to register your child today!