6 Ways to Fit Activity Into a Busy Life!

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It’s that time of year… summer holidays have come and gone, school’s back in, the days are shorter, and it’s to get back into regular routines.  It can be a hectic time with so much going on, making it difficult to find the time for exercise and activities.

We all know those people that seem to have found a balance between the hustle and bustle of daily life and staying active. What do these people do to help them succeed and stay on track?  The answer is that they’ve figured out a strategy that works for them!  Here are some tips to help you do the same.


1- Figure out the best time of day

  • The best time is the time that you know you can get your activity in most consistently.
  • Did you know that all YMCA Calgary locations are open from 5:30am-10:30pm M-F and weekends too! We also have over 100 fitness classes running all times of day to ensure you can find the class you want at the right time.

2- Schedule it in, make it non-negotiable

  • Once you know what time of day works best for you, schedule it into your day timer or calendar and make it a non-negotiable commitment. It’s about making it a priority in your life.

3- Find an activity you can look forward to

  • People who exercise regularly have likely found the activity that suits their lifestyle and personality the best – and they look forward to it!
  • At YMCA Calgary, we know that not everyone loves the gym or likes to run. From swimming to rock climbing, badminton and sports leagues – we have something to entice all interests and abilities. Click here for more information on our programs.

4- Make it a family event

  • If family commitments make it tough to find time to be active, bring them along! Schedule a walk after dinner, kick the ball around in a local park or take them to open swim time or Family Yoga at the YMCA.

5- Something is better than nothing!

  • Life is full of disruptions and changes – do your best to plan around these and remember that even a quick 5 min walk is better than nothing at all! If you fall off the wagon, don’t beat yourself up, just get back on.

6- Get help with an activity routine

  • If you’ve tried all these tips and still struggle to fit activity into your routine, try meeting with one of our Wellness Coaches at YMCA Calgary. Click here for more information and to book an appointment.



For more information on programs and services that will help you become and stay active for life, visit your local YMCA or check out www.ymcacalgary.org.