5 Ways YMCA Makes a Difference to Your Community

YMCA is a non-profit organization working hard to build healthy communities. We truly believe the diligent efforts of our staff and volunteers strengthens the foundations of community, benefiting you, your family & friends, your neighborhood and Calgary as a whole.

Here are five ways YMCA makes a difference to community:

  1. A place for everyone – Having a place where each individual can go to have fun and develop a strong spirit through a healthy mind and body is indeed something worth being a part of. YMCA caters to all walks of life. Diversity is an everyday asset of our YMCA.
  2. Together in one’s journey – When one steps inside a YMCA, each person has their own goals to achieve. From learning how to swim to learning a second language, our YMCA ensures you are not alone and tries its best to make this trip an unforgettable one.
  3. Building relationships – Few places can claim they have witnessed lifetime friendships unfold in front of their very eyes. May it be the children in YMCA babysitting or the parents side by side on their treadmills, these links extend beyond the walls of our YMCA.
  4. People are our treasure – YMCA offers the opportunity for individuals to be a part of this organization not only as staff but as volunteers as well. The community gets involved both as a participant and as people who lead in our YMCA who share the same core values of caring, respect, responsibility and honesty.
  5. Opportunity to build a healthy community – Our children are the future of our community. Making them involved is our priority. YMCA Strong Kids plays a big role in giving a child the opportunity to enjoy YMCA through various programs regardless of their financial situation. YMCA Strong Kids proves with a solid community supporting a common cause, our YMCA continues to put a smile in children’s faces.