5 Activities You Didn’t Know You Could Do at the YMCA


The Eau Claire YMCA has 2 squash/racquetball courts. You can book online or by talking to member services. There are even racquets you can use.

Tai Chi

There are multiple Tai Chi classes offered throughout the week at a number of YMCA Calgary locations. This ancient martial art is about centering your focus and improving your mental and physical stamina. Other martial arts offered include Hap Ki Do, Capoeira, Karate


Parkour is a whole body sport aimed at getting around the urban landscape in the quickest, most efficient way possible – using only your body and your surroundings.

It uses movements like rolls, jumps and climbing in combination with free running; freestyle gymnastics. Youth can learn moves to scale walls, jump gaps, balance on rails, and climb poles. There are classes offered to youth at a number of YMCA Calgary locations.

Belly dancing and Social Dance

Move your hips and learn to coordinate dancing with a veil in belly dancing classes with other women. Or, as a couple, you can learn the basic steps for classic dances like the Fox Trot, Rhumba, Waltz, Jive and Two Step.

There’s even a children’s cooking class for 3-5 year olds!

The South Health Campus YMCA is part of the South Health Campus Wellness Centre which includes a Wellness Kitchen. The Cookie Monster’s class gives kids the opportunity to learn about nutrition and food preparation by making some simple and easy recipes. And they get to eat what they make!
Check out our program guides to learn more about the classes and programs available to you and your family!!

Registration (members) for Spring and Summer sessions opens February 24.

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