3 Reasons to do Personal Training with a Buddy

Two women lifting weights together

Personal training can be a great tool to reach your fitness goals. The experienced exerciser can get help finding more challenging and unique ways of working out. The inexperienced exerciser can get personal guidance on what to do and how to do it.

Many people don’t realize that personal training doesn’t have to be only one on one.

Here are 3 reasons why you should consider doing personal training with a buddy.

1. Motivation, Encouragement, Accountability

Having someone else to sign up with can make personal training a little less intimidating.

A friend working out with you at your sessions is able provide encouraging conversation because they really know you.

It never hurts to have one other person around to ask you how your workouts are going and make sure you’re sticking to the track you said you wanted to be on.

2. Save some Money

Personal Training can be expensive. But there are options to still get that personal attention from a trainer without paying the extra cost of being one on one.

Semi-private personal training is offered for groups of 2 people who want to train with a personal trainer. You can sign up with a friend or buddy, or you can sign up solo and ask to be placed with another person who is open to a semi-private session.

Small group personal training is for groups of 3-5 people. You’ll still get lots of personal attention, but you’ll have the added fun of being with a group of people with similar goals.

3. Opportunities to Learn More

Training with other people as well as your trainer will give you the opportunity to hear their questions and learn from their experiences. You’ll have the chance to learn by hearing answers to questions you might not have thought of and seeing exercise regimens created for people with other goals.


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