3 on 3 Youth Basketball Tournament at Saddletowne YMCA

YMCA Calgary 2013 Hoop Extreme ( Where players lead and leaders play)

The YMCA Hoop Extreme is a three on three basketball
tournament to celebrate our youth and to coincide with the City wide Youth Week
celebration in Calgary. Youth 12 yrs-18 yrs from all over the city of Calgary are
invited to attend this annual YMCA youth event on April 20, 2013, 12 pm- 6 pm

Who can participate? All youth males and females between the ages of 12-18yrs old

How will the tournament run? The tournament will be played Round Robin style with all
teams playing a minimum of three – five games each. There will be six different
divisions according to age and gender.

Male under 14 (12-13)

Female under 14 (12-13)

Male under 16yrs (14, 15)

Male 18 and under yrs (16, 17, 18)

Female under 16 yrs (14, 15)

Female 18 and under yrs (16, 17, 18)

All teams need to have a maximum of 4 players to sign up.

How do you sign up a team? You can register a team by filling out all necessary
registration forms that can be obtain form Saddletowne YMCA.*Registration for the tournament will occur the week of April 5 through to April 19th, 2013.

*No registrations will be accepted after April 19,  2013.

*Space is limited so register soon, we accept registrations
on a first come, first serve basis!! For further inquires regarding registration or volunteer
opportunities please contact Nikol McDonald-Robart @ or e-mail nmcdonal@calgary.ymca.ca