25 Acts of Peace

1) Add your voice to important issues facing the world

2)  Buy fair-trade, local or organic

3) Talk with children about the many ways they can contribute to peace.

4) Give a donation to support an international cause.

5) Stay informed about community issues.

6) Learn about other cultures through films or books.

7) Help an elderly neighbour.

8) Share your commitment to peace with others.

9) Start a blog on peace issues.

10) Assist newcomers in adapting to your community.

11) Meditate or do yoga.

12) Conserve water and energy.

13) Organize a peace themed event at your school.

14) Listen deeply to others.

15) Collect donations for local food banks.

16) Join a neighbourhood community group.

17) Resolve conflict through peaceful discussion.

18) Post a video about your message of peace online.

19) Hold a peace march in your community.

20) Volunteer with the YMCA or another peace focused organization.

21) Treat others the way you want to be treated.

22) Visit diverse areas of worship in your community.

23) Keep an open mind.

24) Ask questions rather than make assumptions.

25) Be the change you want to see in the world.

Another way to celebrate peace is to learn more about local peace building initiatives through the YMCA Calgary Peace Medal awards. Each year YMCA Calgary honours local peace builders for the work that they do, by hosting this event. This award serves to create awareness about community needs, and inspires others to get involved.

Nominates Someone for our 2013 Peace Medals. YMCA Peace Medal nomination is a great way to honour someone for their dedication to peace. Your nomination also helps create awareness about community needs and inspires others to get involved.

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Submission deadline: October 1, 2013