Over 100 friends of the YMCA joined us at the Calgary Golf & Country Club on Wednesday, June 6/12 for our 20th annual member/friends of the Y dinner.

Over 15 people reached their 25th YMCA year of members and 6 were present at the dinner to receive their plaques.  Our longest standing member is Howard Miller at 82 years!  Unfortunately he couldn’t attend, but Jim Thomson was there and his years of members are 72 and he works out at the Eau Claire YMCA 3 days per week!

It was a lovely evening of friendship, story telling and catching up for the 105 folks who attended.

Join us next year and if you have transferred to Calgary from another YMCA in Canada, please contact Lana at ldionne@calgary.ymca.ca to ensure that your years of membership are accurate.  Your membership years accumulate, provided you haven’t missed more than a year.