2013 Volunteer of the Year Recipients


We’re so thankful for our amazing volunteers!

Get to know this year’s Volunteer of the Year Award Winners by reading about them and watching their award videos.


Camp Chief Hector YMCA – Adult Volunteer of the Year – Brent Harris

Brent helps corral the lively group of volunteers who organize the annual Music in the Mountains fundraiser for YMCA Strong Kids and Camp Chief Hector.

Camp Chief Hector has been a part of Brent’s life since he was a little boy. His dad even attended camp!

A true lover of the mountains and mountain life-style, Brent spends as much time as possible hiking, skiing, biking, and camping in the wilderness.


Camp Chief Hector YMCA – Youth Volunteer of the Year – Camille Wiley

Camille volunteered as part of the LIT (Leaders in Training) program at Camp Chief Hector during the summer of 2013. After just a week of training, she jumped in and co-lead a cabin with the full responsibilities of a paid staff member.

Camille’s enthusiasm, leadership to kids and her peers, and her ability to seamlessly wind lessons into fun activities made her an all-star.


Community YMCA – Adult Volunteer of the Year – Zobia Asif

Zobia began volunteering on the weightfloor and now volunteers with LINC (language instruction for newcomers to Canada).

She is enthusiastic about fitness and community and loves being able to help newcomers by practicing English with them or translating for them during fitness classes.

Zobia is passionate about the positive work the YMCA does, for her family and for others, and never shies away from sharing about it.


Community YMCA – Youth Volunteer of the Year – Priya Kumar

Priya loves math. She’s an engineer. She’s not that much older than most of the students in the tutoring program. It seemed a natural fit.

She is enthusiastic, loves the challenge of learning how to explain a math concept in a unique way, and feels like she is using her skills to contribute to her community.

Priya is always willing to help – she comes early and stays late – and her commitment and caring have made her a favourite among students and staff alike.


Crowfoot YMCA – Adult Volunteer of the Year – Bala Chandran

Bala volunteers in Member Services.
He began volunteering because he needed something to do after he retired and decided he enjoyed being at the Y.

He is friendly and welcoming and, according to other folks at Crowfoot, is always around and willing to lend a hand.

For Bala, volunteering is all about giving back to a community that has given so much to him.


Crowfoot YMCA – Youth Volunteer of the Year – Corwin Chung

Corwin volunteers as a basketball coach for Steve Nash Basketball. He really enjoys mentoring and teaching kids.

His favourite part of his weekly basketball practices is seeing the smiles on kids’ faces and watching them develop their skills and enjoy the game.

Volunteering, he says, is an important job to help give kids opportunities that may not be available without the support of volunteer coaches and teachers.


Eau Claire YMCA – Adult Volunteer of the Year – Ted Lefebvre

Ted has been volunteering with YMCA Calgary for three decades! He’s incredibly dedicated to his early morning cycling classes and loves making people smile while they work out.

He started out as a substitute instructor, and quickly began teaching a regular class. He loves interacting with the people he meets at the Y and the friendships that he has developed over the years.


Eau Claire YMCA – Youth Volunteer of the Year – Jon Mosher

Jon volunteers as a basketball coach for Steve Nash Basketball program, combining his love of teaching and basketball. He enjoys helping kids improve their skill and seeing them apply lessons during games.

For Jon, the best part of volunteering is hearing from kids and parents how his coaching has helped them achieve goals – like making their school team or scoring during a game.

He loves getting to know people at the Y and says he volunteers simply because he enjoys it.


Saddletowne YMCA – Adult Volunteer of the Year – Kristin Reid

Kristin volunteers as a fitness instructor in a variety of classes. Always willing to lend a hand, she fills in when substitute instrucors are needed.

She’s passionate about encouraging people, making them smile and helping them reach their goals.

Kristin is positive, enthusiastic, and inspires the people around her.


Saddletowne YMCA – Youth Volunteer of the Year – Bethel Afework

Bethel volunteers with Saturday preschool programs. She loves playing with the kids, helping them learn new things and getting to know families of other cultures.

She is passionate about making the preschool programs as fun for the kids, and their parents, as possible.

Volunteering, for Bethel, is a way to give back to her community. She thinks it’s important to encourage kids and give them opportunities to learn and play.


Shawnessy YMCA –  Adult Volunteer of the Year – Catherine Fah

Cath volunteers as an assistant swim instructor. With roots, training, and experience as a swim instructor in Australia, she brings lots of ideas, talent, and kangaroo songs to her classes.

Parents are excited when they hear that Cath will be helping their kids learn to swim – they know she will care for their kids and give them an incredibly fun lesson.

Ever active, Cath likes to ski, hike, and do other fun things with her family on the weekends.


Shawnessy YMCA –  Youth Volunteer of the Year – Paola Castillo Perez

Paola has been a part of Shawnessy YMCA since she was a little girl. The staff and other volunteers can’t remember a time she wasn’t around, and don’t want to!

Paola is an enthusiastic youth volunteer who currently helps with the Adventures in Leadership program for grade 5 and 6 kids. She has helped in other areas of the YMCA as well.

Even with a busy schedule of school, choir, and family commitments, Paola always makes time for her YMCA family.


South Health Campus YMCA –  Adult Volunteer of the Year – Sheila Artus

Shelia volunteers on the climbing wall and as a fitness instructor. She is passionate about health and wellness and wanted to share her excitement for fitness with others.

Encouraging children on the climbing wall and adults in fitness classes to reach their goals always puts a smile on Sheila’s face. Staff appreciate her constant presence at South Health Campus YMCA, knowing her wisdom and commitment will ensure things run smoothly.


South Health Campus YMCA –  Youth Volunteer of the Year – Sumel Lally

Sumel volunteers as a leader in Active Y kids classes and on Friday teen nights. She enjoys getting to know people and helping them find out what they like to do at the Y.

She recently came to Canada from India and started volunteering to improve her English. Since last year, her friends have noticed a huge improvement in her language skills and are asking her to help them start volunteering too.


Congratulations to all our Volunteer of the Year Recipients, and thank you for all that you do.