2012 Calgary Ukrainian Festival

On Saturday June 3, Danielle and I attended the Third Annual Calgary Ukrainian Festival! Our visit was planned as a combination of promoting YMCA Calgary’s partnership with YMCA Ukraine to the Ukrainian community, as well as exposing ourselves a bit to the Ukrainian culture. While there, we were able to experience a wide variety of Ukrainian cultural norms.

Although I’m sure that actually being in Ukraine is going to be a completely different experience, it was nice to expose ourselves a bit to the culture before we leave. This weekend, we got the opportunity to try some amazing food (Varenyky anyone?), see traditional Ukrainian garb and dance costumes, and even watch the fantastic dance performances put on by the numerous different Ukrainian dance studios through the city.

I know going to Ukraine is going to be an amazing experience, and attending the festival this weekend has both Danielle and I pretty pumped to leave for our trip. I’ve learned that the Ukrainian culture is one of a kind, and I am very anxious to begin my journey overseas!

Feel free to check out the Ukrainian Festival Website for more pictures and information on performers that were on stage this weekend.

Blog submit by Sarah Finn