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We invite you to ignite your creativity!

From live performances to classes and camps we offer the opportunity for anyone regardless of age or skill level to participate in our programs. Whether you’re an attendee or a participant you have the chance to boost your potential at YMCAs across Calgary.




YMCArts Programs


Sing. Make. Dance. Act. Create.


YMCArts offers a dynamic selection of visual arts, drama, choir and dance programs for folks of all ages – from preschool and up. We believe that creating and sharing stories – through music, song, dance, theatre, and art-making of all kinds – has the power to bring us closer together and build thriving, connected communities.


YMCArts Presents


Family-friendly live performance…in the suburbs? YES! – at your local YMCA!


YMCArts Presents is an exciting season of shows featuring some of the best live talent locally and across the country! We have everything from music, dance and comedy for you in our YMCArts Presents 2022 season. Tickets can be purchased online and are now available for purchase.

Thanks to the Rosza Foundation
Thank you to the Rozsa Foundation for their support.