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YMCA Calgary is very excited to be planning for the opening of four new licensed childcare centres.

  1. Remington YMCA (Quarry Park) – Anticipated Opening – Summer 2016
  2. Quarry Park Child Development Centre –  Anticipated Opening – Summer 2016
  3. Rocky Ridge Recreation Facility – Estimated completion is 2017
  4. Seton Recreation Facility – Estimated completion is 2018

Learn the difference between the Remington YMCA Childcare centre and the Quarry Park Child Development Centre.

Want to know more about the Quarry Park Child Development Centre?


Opportunities to sign-up for updates about the other facilities will be made available in the future, closer to opening dates.


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The Eau Claire, Saddletowne and Shawnessy YMCA branches operate licensed childcare programs with full-time care for children 19-months to 6-years. YMCA Calgary’s Child Development Centres give children the opportunity to swim, play in the gym, go on outings and field trips, and participate in other stimulating activities. Children are required to bring lunch; morning and afternoon snacks are provided.

Download the YMCA Calgary Child Development Centre Information Handbook


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YMCA Playing to Learn is a national YMCA curriculum that helps children discover learning through creative play and aligns with primary school benchmarks. YMCA Playing to Learn is intended to ensure a child’s continued enthusiasm and capacity for life-long learning. It provides an understanding of how play offers the foundation for learning to read and write, and for learning mathematics, science and technology. It provides early childhood educators with the skills to prepare spaces more conducive to learning and best practices to encourage quality learning experiences. Learn more by downloading the YMCA Playing to Learn Brochure.

2016 Fees

Centres in YMCA Recreation Facilities – NO LUNCH provided
 Children 12 – 18 months  $1300/month   
 Children 19 months – 3 years   $1090/month
 Children 3-6 years   $1030/month

Part-Time (pending space availability)

12 – 18 mnths:   $70 per day | $45 per 1/2 day             19 mnths – 6 yrs:   $60 per day | $40 per 1/2 day


Quarry Park Child Development Centre – LUNCH provided
Children 12 – 18 months  $1450/month   
 Children 19 months – 3 years   $1240/month
 Children 3-6 years   $1180/month

Part-Time (pending space availability)

12 – 18 mnths:   $80 per day | $50 per 1/2 day             19 mnths – 6 yrs:   $70 per day | $45 per 1/2 day




  • Pre-authorized payments are required at the time of registration.
  • A $600 deposit is required at time of registration; deposit will be returned with minimum 45-days notice of cancellation.
  • Financial Assistance is available for qualifying families through Alberta Children’s Services and YMCA Calgary once a child is registered in the centre.
  • YMCA Childcare Fees are reviewed annually each Fall. Any changes to fees are communicated to families a minimum of six weeks in advance.
  • Waiting List: There is a non-refundable $50/family waiting list fee at each centre. Call or visit one of the centres for more information. Please note – registration on waitlists is limited and space may not be available. Placement on the waitlist does not guarantee a childcare space as we must place children of the correct age into the available space in order to maintain licensing requirements.

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Gray Family Eau Claire YMCA      

  • Monday to Friday  |  7:00am – 5:45pm
  • Contact: Margaret Ferriss  |  (403) 781-1666  |  mferriss@calgary.ymca.ca
  • Children must be fully potty-trained
  • Transportation for kindergarten children is available from this centre to Renfrew School (Janice McTighe Centre)

Saddletowne YMCA    

Shawnessy YMCA

  • Monday to Friday  |  7:00am – 6:00pm
  • Contact: Trudy Halvorsen  |  (403) 254-3211  |  thalvors@calgary.ymca.ca
  • Transportation for kindergarten children is available from this centre to Janet Johnstone School

General Inquiries, Questions or Concerns

Contact: Caryl Broen, General Manager Early Years | (403) 537-1721 | cbroen@calgary.ymca.ca


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YMCA Calgary strives to be a leader in the development of active, healthy children and youth. The experiences your child has in YMCA Preschool Child Care is an important part of their development and a vital part of our commitment to building healthy communities.

Take a moment to review the results of the 2015 YMCA Calgary Report Card



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YMCA Calgary offers child minding services for up to 2 hours while a parent/guardian is using YMCA facilities. Caregivers engage children using age-appropriate activities and positive guidance techniques.

Changes to current child minding processes will take effect September 1, 2015. Information can be found in the links below.

YMCA Child Minding Service – Jan 2016

Block Booking Form – Winter ’16

More Information