Food Drive Time


This summer will mark the 15th Annual YMCA Calgary Kids in Motion and Day Camps Food Drive!  This year’s food drive will take place the week of August 11th, 2014.  Keep your eyes open for enthusiastic YMCA kids and youth who will be collecting food donations in your community in support of the Calgary Interfaith Food Bank.

We will also be accepting nonperishable food donations in our branches, so keep a look out for a box in your branch’s lobby. 

Kids in Motion and Daycamps will be collecting in the following sixteen communities on the following days:

Wednesday, August 13:
Connaught, Millican/Ogden, Vista/Mayland Heights, Marlborough Park, Falconridge

Thursday, August 14:
Rosscarrock, West Dover, Inglewood, Albert Park/Radisson Heights, Huntington Hills, Arbour Lake, Sunnyside, Altadore, Somerset, Martindale

Friday, August 15: 
Auburn Bay


What is Kids In Motion?

YMCA Kids in Motion (KIM) is a summer outreach program that gives elementary school aged children (ages 9-12) the opportunity to volunteer in meaningful community projects in their neighbourhoods such as the food drive, community gardens, working with community organizations or older adults. As a reward for their work, the participants get to enjoy recreational activities they might not otherwise have the opportunity to do like swimming, outdoor activities and visits to local attractions. KIM lets participants learn about community responsibility and encourages community involvement, caring for others and teamwork. Children also gain community service experience, have a chance to meet new friends, and gain increased self-confidence knowing they have helped to better their communities.


Our Sponsors

We would like to recognize and extend a big thank you to our Food Drive sponsors this year. Without their efforts and continued support the Food drive would not be possible!


Eagle Well Servicing operates a fleet of 65 mobile, freestanding single, double and slant service rigs from centres throughout Western Canada. With an industry leading operations team and state-of-the-art rigs, Eagle rises above the rest when it comes to safe, efficient, functional well servicing.

Staff from Eagle Well Servicing will be donating their valuable time to helping the food get from the communities to the Food Bank.  In addition, they will be donating a considerable amount of food themselves.

Southland Transportation Ltd. is committed to safety and service in the people transportation business. Southland operates school, charter, commuter and specialized transportation buses throughout Alberta and in Saskatchewan.

Southland Transportation Ltd. will be the main form of transportation for a Kid’s in Motion group during August 13, 2014. The busing company will follow a group of children through the Connaught community and pick up any donated food. Southland Transportation Ltd will then drive the kids to the Food Bank to participate in the festivities and help unload and weigh food.

50 Reasons to Get Active

Inspired by Neila Rey’s 50 Reasons to Exercise list and Participaction’s 52 Reasons to be Active in 2014, I’ve challenged myself to a new project.

Why not try to inspire people to develop healthy habits by creating appealing images displaying different reasons to get active and exercise?

So, for the next few months, a new inspiring Reason to Get Active will be released via our social media every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Follow  YMCA_Calgary on Twitter or Like YMCA Calgary on Facebook to follow along.

Let’s begin!

Here is our very first of 50 Reasons to Get Active:


Feel free to share on your own Facebook and Twitter accounts.
#moreplayeveryday #movemore #getactive

Tabata for Weight Loss

Dance Fitness Group_98284244

Tabata Bootcamp is a 9-week program designed to help you achieve your goals of weight-loss, toning, fitness & increased energy through 4 components:

  • Exercise Program
  • Nutritional Guidance
  • Social Support & Motivation
  • Assessment &  Results Tracking

Exercise Program

Attend 3 group classes each week and do daily 7-minute workouts at home using the Tabata Bootcamp website.

Nutritional Guidance

Attend 4 group sessions with a Registered Nutritionist to learn how to:

  • complete a food journal
  • make healthy choices and understand why they are healthy
  • track your calorie intake
  • manage your portion control

Social Support & Motivation

Motivation and support from others is a key part of reaching your health goals. Connect daily with your coach and your peer group. Get to know other participants who have similar health and lifestyle goals.

Assessment &  Results Tracking

Get help assessing and tracking your progress so you can really see the difference your hard work is making.

Space is Limited. Register Today!

9 Week Program begins Monday, September 15, 2014
Crowfoot YMCA- 403-547-6576

Cost: $300 for YMCA Members $399 for General Public

Members can register online (Course Code# 96028)

Contact Bogi for more information.

Reach for your goals today!

Richard – Why the ‘Y’

Why I like the ‘Y’

I became a senior member of the YMCA in April 2013. I was sixty-nine. My wife persuaded me to join because she thought that I needed more physical activity and social interaction. Or did she just want me out of the house? Regardless of her motives, it was great advice.

A staff trainer, Laura Byford-Richardson, got me started. She balanced my goals with my age, physical abilities and state of health. Three years earlier I had a deadly form of cancer that went into remission after a blood stem cell transplant. So my main goal was to remain healthy and avoid other problems that occur with aging like heart disease and diabetes. She designed an initial program for me and showed me how to use the equipment. And so it began. By last July I was hooked. My body now craved exercise. And then I discovered FitLinxx. It goaded me to do better. It got my dormant, competitive juices flowing again. I actually wanted to beat the monthly performance of other members. And I did occasionally earning words of encouragement and praise from Laura.

It is now fifteen months later. My physical goals have been met. I have lost substantial weight. I have lowered my blood pressure and cholesterol to safe levels. I can sustain long, strenuous workouts. I feel more alive. I have no new health issues and my cancer is still at bay.

But how have I done socially? The staff and the community atmosphere of the gym gave me the confidence to meet other members. After all, we shared a common interest, the pursuit of physical fitness and we saw each other frequently. Our brief hellos have led to conversations and in time, to friendships.

And that is how I met Fran. We ran into each other when we were both headed to the same weight machine. Somehow this encounter led to war stories about shoulder injuries and the beginning of a new friendship. We wound up doing our cardio together in a corner of the gym with Fran on the Cross Trainer and me, beside her, on the Stationary Bicycle. Like a typical male, I thought she was going to slow me down. Then I found out that she was a former Masters competitive swimmer, still swims two miles per week and spends hours at the gym using most of the weight machines. It was I who was going to be the laggard. But Fran is gracious and she always makes time for our cardio workouts.

People on Cardio Machines
When we exercise together we have conversations on a wide range of subjects: life, family, health, etc. These conversations inevitably descend into moments of breathless laughter. Fran is very funny. We also encourage and advise each other. And so the time passes quickly and the physical exertion seems less demanding. Exercising with a partner like Fran adds fun to an experience that sometimes can feel like work.

And that is why I like the ‘Y’.

Richard Cross
South Health Campus YMCA
July 2014

Skip the Line and Register Online!

It’s time for Fall Program Registration!

YMCA members can register starting Monday, July 28. Non-member registration begins Monday, August 18.

 Enjoy great programs like:

  • children’s & adult swimming classes
  • wall climbing
  • deep water running
  • basketball
  • outdoor bootcamp
  • floor hockey
  • belly dancing
  • fitness instructor training
  • sport conditioning
  • martial arts like capoeira and hap ki do
  • yoga
  • pre and post-natal fitness classes
  • power lifting
  • and more!

Check out our Program Guides for descriptions, dates, and times.

3 Ways to Register

You can register by phone, in person, or online on Member Zone (YMCA Members only).

Member Zone is your online hub to register online, print receipts, and view or change YMCA account information.

Online Registration Tips:

        • As a YMCA member, you already have a Login account.
        • You need to know your Login ID and Family PIN.

Get your Login Information

Call your YMCA Calgary location to get your LogIn information OR:

1.  Visit Click on Login.


2.  Click on Forgot Login Information?


3.  Enter your email address and your Login info will be sent to you. If you do not know the email address you signed up with, contact your YMCA location and they will be happy to send you your Login ID and Family PIN.


A Waterfall


When was the last time you went for a walk in nature? Just walked for the sake of walking? of observing the leaves and the rocks? the light and the sky?

The other day I did just that. Went for a walk in nature. My husband and I were on Vancouver Island and were exploring. We went to Goldstream Provincial Park to walk to a waterfall.

We walked along the trail.

We didn’t talk very much.

We just looked.

We looked at the rocks at our feet.

We looked at the trees and leaves around us.

We looked at the moss.

We looked at the light filtering through the forest.

We looked at the waterfall.

When we arrived at its base, I sat on a rock and just observed. Just listened to the sounds of the water,  the wind, the leaves.

It was peaceful.

It was relaxing.

It was refreshing.


YMCA Kids in Motion Food Drive

Food Drive_0251

During the week of August 11, 2014,  the15th Annual YMCA Calgary Kids in Motion and Day Camps Food Drive will take place. 

Enthusiastic YMCA kids and youth will be collecting food donations in various Calgary communities in support of the Calgary Interfaith Food Bank.

Kids in Motion is a summer volunteer program for young people ages nine to 12. Participants volunteer in meaningful projects in their local community and in return gain opportunities to enjoy recreational activities. The values, lessons and opportunities youth gain from this program are invaluable. They learn to work as a team, share pride in a job well done, make a positive contribution to their community and develop lifelong leadership skills.

August 13, 14, & 15 please support Kids In Motion participants and our day-campers as they collect donations for this year’s drive. Be sure to watch for your Food Bank bag and reminder flyer a few days before the food drive begins.



Jump for Joi

Diverse Elementary Gym Class

You’re invited to our annual YMCA Strong Kids fundraiser,  Jump For Joi Skip-a-thon!

Join us for an afternoon of fun including a silent auction and special guests. 

Wednesday, August 13
12:00 – 5:30pm
Shawnessy YMCA

Jump for Joi honours the memory of Joilinn Edgar, former YMCA Calgary day camp counselor and passionate supporter of YMCA Strong Kids.

For more information please visit Member Services at Shawnessy YMCA or call (403) 256-5533

5 Golden Rules of Sunshine


Summer fun and sunshine just seem to go together.

We need sunshine – our skin absorbs Vitamin D. This vitamin is important for strong bones and teeth. But sunshine can also pose some risks, especially for children. Too much sun can cause sunburns, damage to the eyes, dehydration and sunstroke.

Protect yourself and your family from the sun by following some simple tips.


Seek Shade

Find shady spots whenever possible, or bring a sun shade or umbrella with you. You’ll still get the benefits of being outside, but you’ll avoid potentially harmful direct rays. Babies under 12 months old should always be kept out of direct sunlight.


Drink Water

Heat and sweat can cause you to become dehydrated faster than normal. Check out our tips on avoiding dehydration and making water more exciting here.



Wear sunscreen. Even if you’ll only be outside for 15 minutes. The higher the SPF the better. Reapply at least every two hours or more often if you’ve been sweating or playing in water. Do not put sunscreen on babies younger than 6 months old, keep them in shade instead.


Cover Up

Hats and light-coloured, long-sleeved shirts and pants made of breathable fabric provide protection from harmful rays and will keep you surprisingly cool. Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes.


Limit Sun Time

Don’t spend prolonged time out in the sun. Take breaks to go indoors and cool off. Sunscreen is not meant to prolong time in the sun but to provide protection from it.


*Photos via Flickr: Ralph Daily & David Smith

Volunteer Math Tutors Needed!


Here’s a unique volunteer opportunity for those who love math!

The Community YMCA was excited to offer a hugely successful pilot program for high school math tutoring during the 2013/2014 school year. The Tutoring Table program was designed for motivated high school students struggling in math who were not able to access professional tutoring due to financial barriers. This program was offered in partnership with the United Way of Calgary and Area through the All In for Youth initiative. We couldn’t have done this program without the support of all of our volunteer math tutors! We had a total of 73 volunteers and 2284 volunteer hours during the first year of the pilot project.

Volunteers and students had a lot of positive things to say about the program. In fact, not only did many students see their grades increase, they also had a more positive attitude towards math and towards themselves. Volunteers built positive relationships with the youth, were able to help students through many struggles in math and even offer some career advice! Most of all, volunteers were happy that they could use their skill-set in math to help young people grow and thrive.

We are pleased to say that with the success in year one, the United Way of Calgary and Area has not only decided to continue the Tutoring Table program, but to expand it to even more locations in 2014/2015. Beginning this fall we will be offering it at four YMCA branches: Saddletowne, Eau Claire, Shawnessy and Crowfoot, as well as a fifth location in North-Central Calgary.

Of course, with such expansion we also need many more volunteers to help high school students with their math during the upcoming school year. In fact, a total of 45 new volunteers will be needed at these three locations: Saddletowne YMCA, Crowfoot YMCA and our North-Central location at Thornhill Baptist Church.

If you love math, enjoy working with youth and would like a unique opportunity to bring these two together while giving back to the community, please connect with Nada Rustom, Tutoring Director, at or 403-537-2713

Tutoring begins the third week of September and training is in August so if you’re interested please get in touch as soon as possible as all volunteers must complete a City of Calgary Police Information Check before starting, which can take up to 5 weeks.

by Angela Brown
Newcomer Programs Manager
Community YMCA