Did You Receive a 2012 Receipt from YMCA Calgary?

Due to an administrative error, a small batch of 2012 program receipts were sent out to specific YMCA facility users. These receipts were only sent to the email address that the purchaser provided. Please disregard the receipt communication if you received it. Please note, all privacy and security of personal and confidential information remains intact. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused.

Free Family Weekends for Flood-affected Families


Was your family affected by the 2013 Southern Alberta Floods?

We’re welcoming all families affected by the floods to spend a weekend at Camp Chief Hector YMCA.

Reunite with nature and enjoy a weekend outdoors with the whole family. Try fun activities like the climbing wall, high and low ropes courses, arts and crafts, cookouts and campfires.

These weekends are a gift and are provided at no cost to flood-affected families. Funding is generously provided by the Government of Alberta.

Please keep in mind you are welcome to come to any weekend that works best for your family and not just the weekend your community is listed under. These weekends are designated to encourage building strong relationships within your community.


Dates Available:

October 24-26                community TBD

October 31-Nov 2            community TBD

November 28-30                 community TBD


Weekends run from 7pm Friday to 2pm Sunday. Bus transportation to camp is available.

Call Camp Chief Hector YMCA today to register your family: 403-269-6156 or 1-866-430-9622.

Please send this blog to everyone and help us spread the word!

More information on the weekend schedule and activities, directions and what to pack can be found here.

Thank you to the Government of Alberta for providing funding to make these weekends possible.


Let’s Get Rolling

Foam rolling is a form of self-myofascial release (SMFR). Fascia is a soft connective tissue that surrounds all muscles and organs in your body. A tight fascia can cause pain, muscle tension, and decreased flexibility. SMFR can help to increase muscle length, improve blood flow and lymphatic drainage as well as increase oxygen circulation. It can also help to break up painful adhesions and scar tissue.

Here’s the proper way to foam roll. Roll slowly along the entire length of the muscle applying a moderate pressure with your body weight. When you find sensitive or painful areas, hold the pressure for about 30 seconds or until the pain diminishes. Make sure you relax and breathe deeply to help get oxygen to these trigger points and help release the tension. If direct pressure is too painful, shift your weight to apply pressure to the surrounding areas and slowly work your way up to direct pressure. Try and make your goal to roll the length of your muscle 10 times without any pain.

Keep in mind foam rolling should be uncomfortable, but not extremely painful. When you stop, the discomfort should go away and you should feel better. The more often you foam roll, the less painful it will be.

People foam roll for different reasons and this affects the time that it should be done. Foam rolling before your workout allows your muscles to release and function at an optimal length for the duration your exercise session, thereby optimizing your workout. Foam rolling after your workout combined with traditional stretching will help to release your tight muscles, remove waste from the muscles, and will decrease post-workout soreness.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Never roll across a joint or along your low back.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Foam roll daily and combine with traditional stretching for best results.
  • Frequently overlooked areas: calves, quads, hamstrings, glutes, thoracic spine, lats.
  • Foam rollers come in different densities. Typically, white ones are softer than blue and black ones and may be a good starting point for those new to foam rolling.
  • Switch it up (and get a little bit more spot specific) by rolling on tennis balls or even lacrosse balls.

Colleen Ryan BSc, CAT(C)
South Health Campus Wellness Coach

foam roller_000003394854Med


Horsemanship Lessons

Camp Chief Hector YMCA if offering horseback riding lessons this spring! Learn the basic skills of horsemanship on the ground and in the saddle.

  • At Camp Chief Hector YMCA at the base of the Rockies
  • Sundays: May 11 & 25, June 1 & 8* | 2:30pm – 4:00pm
    *June15 will be an alternate date in case of inclement weather on a scheduled Sunday
  • 7 years and up (a fun activity to do with your kids!)
  • $140


For more information, or to register, please call 403-269-6156 or 1-866-430-9622 (toll free).

Pool Schedules & Lane Swim

Did you know that our pools always have at least one lane set apart for lane swimming? Every hour that pools in our locations are open, lane swimming is available.

But, you ask, what about those busy times when one lane just isn’t enough?

It’s true that there are times throughout the day when lane swimming is more in demand. At these times multiple lanes or the entire pool may be designated for lane swimming.

Lane swimming times vary at each location and are outlined in the Pool Schedule found on the Location Pages. These downloadable PDFs can be saved or printed for quick and easy access.

Hover your mouse over the PROGRAMS, LOCATIONS & MEMBERSHIP tab and click the drop-down menu to select your preferred YMCA Calgary location. Then click the Pool or Gym & Pool Schedule for the correct dates.

*Click on images to enlarge

Location page
If you’re interested in drop-in fitness classes, you can look at the downloadable Gym Schedule on the Locations pages, or you can use our new searchable Drop-In Fitness Class Schedule, but know, lane swimming times can only be found in the Pool Schedule.

22nd Annual YMCA Calgary Member Dinner

Join us on Wednesday, June 4th as we celebrate all of our 25+ year YMCA Members at a great evening of friendship and fun! 

Member Dinner
Calgary Golf and Country Club
5:30 reception
6:45 dinner and program

This event is not just for members. You can bring your guests, family, friends – it’s really all about visiting and sharing YMCA stories!


Register at the branch of your choice – $50 per person.  All 25-year members may attend at no charge and will be contacted by staff for more information.

If you are a member who has transferred to YMCA Calgary from another city, and have continuous years of membership, please stop by the member services desk to have your start date adjusted so that we can have an accurate record of your years of membership.

Contact Lana Dionne at 403-781-1663 for more information.


Youth Week Has Arrived!

YMCA Locations are offering inexpensive and FREE activities for youth ages 12-17. This is a week to celebrate youth!

Eau Claire YMCA staff are jumping up and down with excitement.

Wednesday, April 23 | 5pm-7pm | Eau Claire YMCA Lobby |$6.50
A special 2 hour edition of Art in the City featuring a guided art walk throughout downtown Calgary’s Urban Art Scene. This will include public pieces, studios and chats with local artists as well as a chance to practice our own Urban Art

Friday, April 25 | 7pm-9pm | Eau Claire Gym | $4
5 on 5 Basketball Tournament. Sign up from 1pm-6pm, tournament starts at 7:00pm. Slots for 40 youth will be filled then randomly selected to create teams of 5. Tournament will be half court followed by a full court final.

Saturday April 26 | 12pm-3pm | Eau Claire 3rd Floor | Free
Brahma Kumaris Meditation Centre and YMCA Eau Claire have teamed up to bring you the Global Café. We will transform one of the studios into a serene café like setting, complete with nut free sweets and hot beverages. Discussions and self-reflection surrounding a spiritual approach to self and Earth Day will be facilitated by Nora from Calgary Brahma Kumaris.


Crowfoot YMCA staff are stoked to offer tons of free events.

Monday, April 21 | 5pm-5:45pm | Crowfoot YMCA MP2 | Free
Hip Hop dance class.

Monday, April 21 | 6pm-6:45pm | Crowfoot YMCA MP1 | Free
Art by Youth class.

Wednesday, April 23 | 5pm-5:45pm | Crowfoot YMCA MP2 | Free
Improv class.

Wednesday, April 23 | 6pm-6:45pm | Crowfoot YMCA MP3 | Free
Parkour lessons.

Friday, April 25 | 5pm-5:45pm | Crowfoot YMCA MP3 | Free

Friday, April 25 | 6pm-6:45pm | Crowfoot YMCA Weight Floor | Free
Youth Resistance Training

Friday, April 25 | 7pm-10pm | Crowfoot YMCA | $4
Teen Night: Drop-in Basketball, Drop-in Dance, Drop-in Ping Pong, Open workout on the weight floor, open swim in the pool.

Saturday, April 26 | 2pm-2:45pm | Crowfoot YMCA Gym | Free
Parkour lessons.

Saturday, April 26 | 3pm-3:45pm | Crowfoot YMCA MP2 | Free
Art by Youth class.

Saturday, April 26 | 3pm-3:45pm | Crowfoot YMCA Gym | Free
Scatterball game.

Saturday, April 26 | 4pm-4:45pm | Crowfoot YMCA MP3 | Free
Youth Yoga class.

Saturday, April 26 | 4pm-4:45pm | Crowfoot YMCA Gym | Free
Drop-in Soccer.

Saturday, April 26 | 5pm-5:45pm | Crowfoot YMCA MP3 | Free
Breakdancing and hip hop class.


Come check out all the cool stuff, try something new, and meet some other youth!

See for more activities and events happening around the city.

hip hop dance girls

Support for Our City During Tragedy

The tragic events in our city earlier this week have shocked and saddened us. Our thoughts go out to all those affected by this loss.

Two of the victims were a part of our YMCA community, we will miss them greatly.

Jordan Segura was a previous staff member in both day camps at Crowfoot YMCA and in Kids Club. He embodied the YMCA mission and core values, provided leadership to young people and greatly contributed to the success of those programs.

Lawrence Hong, a regular user of Eau Claire YMCA, is being mourned by many, including a close family member who has been employed in aquatics at Shawnessy YMCA for a number of years.

Our YMCA family has the families and friends of all those affected by this event in our thoughts. Let’s support them together.


There is help available for anyone feeling the need for care during this difficult time. Multiple organizations are available to provide listening ears and counselling:

The University of Calgary Students’ Union Wellness Centre.
The SU Wellness Centre is located on the third floor of MacEwan Student Centre – the phone number is 403-210-9355 – press option 2 for counselling or email The university says it will continue to ensure members of the university community receive all the support they need.

The Distress Centre
24 hour support and counselling, call 403-266-HELP (403-266-4357).

YYC Counselling Centre
Counsellors trained to help with grief and loss. Call 403-691-5991 to speak with someone.

Earth Day – Food Drive!

Did you know that next Tuesday is Earth Day?!

To celebrate Earth Day this year, the YMCA Global Initatives Committee has organized a Food Drive!  

Boxes will be set up for donations at Shawnessy and Saddletowne YMCA locations from Monday, April 21st until Saturday, April 26th. 


We encourage you to donate non-perishable food items that may otherwise go to waste, or perhaps sit in your cupboards for years to come! There will also be information on environmental issues, food waste, and what YOU can do to get involved in Earth Week.

Earth Week Food drive poster

Why a food drive? Because food waste is an extremely important environmental issue affecting our planet. For example, methane produced from food waste in landfills is 25 times more powerful a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide!


Statistics Canada estimates that about 40% of all food produced in this country goes to waste – that’s $27 billion each year.


*All food will be donated to the Calgary Inter-Faith Food Bank


More info:
Carla Bitz, Community Outreach & Global Initiatives Director
403-899-4047 |

How to Prepare for Day Camp


happy children

Day camps can be a great option for parents who work during the summer. It’s a fun childcare option where kids get to meet other kids, be active, and learn new things.

But day camps, especially for younger kids, can be a little scary.


Here are 11 tips to help you and your child prepare for day camp:

1. Allow your child to help choose their summer day camps, based on their own interests.

If they get to help choose, they will look forward to it more. One positive experience will lead to future positive experiences.

2.  Register your child with a friend

Going to a new place with a lot of new kids is easier if a neighbour or playmate is there with them.

3. Bring your child to the day camp location a few days before it begins.

Walking around the building and seeing and talking about the activities they will participate in will allow your child to get used to the idea of going there.
4. Choose a durable backpack appropriate for your child’s size.

A backpack that is too large can become awkward and heavy for a child to carry. Having a mesh pocket for easy access to a water bottle will help ensure they stay hydrated throughout the day.
5. Pack the backpack with essentials together – water bottle, sunscreen, hat, raincoat, lunch, snacks, swim suit and towel.

Feeling prepared for the day will help any kid feel a little more excited to go.
6. Label your child’s belongings with their name.

Talking about keeping track of their belongings will help them be careful where they put things at camp, and lower the risk of losing something special.
7. Layer your child in weather appropriate clothing and running shoes.

Again, feeling prepared will help a child feel comfortable.
8. Read all of the parent and camp info together with your child.

Allowing them to learn more about the day camp before they go will help them know what to expect.
9. Fill out all medical forms and make sure your child knows about their own allergies or special needs.

Make sure all medications or Epi-pens are easily accessible to camp staff.
10. Pack a note or photo in your child’s lunch each day to let them know you are thinking about them.

Knowing mom or dad is still thinking of them, even while they are in a new place, can help a child relax and settle in to their day.
11. Talk about camp together before, during and after.

Each morning talk excitedly about what adventures the day might hold, and when you pick them up at the end of the day encourage them to tell you stories of what they did. This will help the child process their experience and become more excited for the next time they attend day camp.
What helpful tips have you used to prepare your child for day camp?