Camp Chief Hector Fall Yoga Retreat

Join us at the Camp Chief Hector YMCA for an inspiring yoga focused weekend. This Yoga Retreat will accommodate students new to yoga as well as those with a background in yoga. Our goal for the weekend is to be in this wonderful mountain location, spending time experiencing our body, breath and mind. Our instructors will help you develop a balanced practice that will serve you well in all aspects of your life. They will provide adjustments in your poses if you wish.  There will also be time to explore the incredible site. Shared accommodations and meals are included.

Yoga Retreat | Fall 2014

  • November 21 at 5pm – November 23 at 2pm
  • Cost $290
  • Phone our city registration office to register at 403-269-6156 or 1-866-430-9622.

To read more about the instructors and to see the weekend’s schedule, click here.


Healthy Eating in the Early Years

Young children have specific needs when it comes to meeting their nutritional requirements to grow and thrive. The type and quantity of food are especially important when you consider tiny tummies and all the development they are experiencing.


Staff of the Saddletowne YMCA Child Development Centre have put together a list of things to consider when addressing the nutritional needs of young children.

  • Parents and caregivers decide WHERE to offer food and WHAT foods will be available
  • Children eat best when they sit down for meals and snacks rather than when on the move
  • Sitting and eating with children encourages a pleasant atmosphere making it easier for everyone to eat well and to enjoy the meal. It is also an excellent time to catch up on the day’s happenings and support language development
  • Turn off the TV, radio and electronic devises during meal time. This helps a preschooler focus on eating as well as on learning and practicing positive eating skills
  • Children’s appetites change from day to day. Some days a young child will eat a lot while on other days their appetite is much smaller. This is normal!
  • Stay positive and remember that trying to force a child to eat is not effective. Children know when they are hungry and when they are full. Allow a child to leave food on their plate and try not to bribe them to “eat just one more bite”
  • Children’s portions are typically smaller than an adult sized portion. They also need to eat small amounts more frequently. For more information on food choices and portions for children visit Canada’s Food Guide
  • Limit treats to ensure children are filling their bellies with foods that support their development. And, remember, a little creativity in preparation and in serving style will  provide the variety young children may be wanting when they reach for treats
  • Involve children in meal planning whenever possible. This is a great way for children to learn where foods come from and how they are prepared. It also provides an opportunity for children to experience a sense of pride as they help to prepare delicious foods the whole family will enjoy
  • Your child’s steady growth is the best way to tell that they are eating enough

By prioritizing meal times as family time you are also supporting the overall health and wellbeing of everyone within the family.



Newcomers Workshop at Saddletowne YMCA

Are you and your family newcomers to Canada? Or maybe just newcomers to the YMCA? Do you want to learn more about our fitness, swimming, or pre-school classes? Did you know that we also offer Math Tutoring for youth and English Language Instruction for adults?

Drop-in at our Community Wellness Day at  Saddletowne on Saturday, September 27th, from 1-5pm for an introduction to the YMCA! Ask questions and get information about the programs offered at YMCA Calgary for kids, youth, and adults. This is a great opportunity to learn more about using our website and our online program registration, as well as how to apply for financial assistance.

Staff and Volunteers from the Newcomer Programs Department are ready to introduce you to YMCA Calgary.

For more information about the Community Wellness Day, check out the full list of activities here.

See you Saturday!

Adventure Training: Introduction to Parkour

While you train for your family adventures through Family Swim to Survive, let us expand your horizons and provide your with new and exiting ways to get out there and be active.  At the Saddletowne YMCA, we want to continue to help you prepare for the season of adventures ahead.

Will you accept our mission of adventure?

Let us help prepare you for your latest adventure through the Introduction to Parkour this Saturday, September 27  at 1:00PM for our Community Wellness Day at the Saddletowne YMCA.

Introduction to Parkour is a program in which we will help you explore your way through the Urban Jungle.  Parkour utilizes movements such as rolls, vaults and climbing to navigate through any environment.  It is about moving efficiently and effectively, and reconnects us with the child within.  All obstacles become opportunities with the help of a qualified instructor!

Make sure to stop by for a continuation of your adventure training: Introduction to Parkour by dropping-in on Saturday, September 27 at 1:00PM.

South LINC Says Goodbye to Summer

Beautiful Homemade CakeEarlier today, South LINC students from the Shawnessy and South Health Campus locations celebrated the end of the summer session with a fun family event. Originally, the students and teachers had planned an outdoor gathering, but the weather was just not cooperating! After spending the morning gazing at the clouds and wishing away the rain, the LINC team accepted the finicky Calgary weather and got creative. Everyone worked hard to improvise, and at the last minute, teachers and students were able to organize a  “picnic” with modified indoor activities for the whole family. Luckily, there was a space big enough for everyone inside the South Fish Creek Recreation Complex!

Everyone arrived and displayed their homemade food, but before we were allowed to dig in, the teachers had some teambuilding activities planned for us! Leaders were chosen and students were broken into teams for an ABC Scavenger throughout the entire facility. Teams competed to find different items beginning with each letter of the alphabet, and students were not shy about asking questions in English to try to win the game. While some teams were stumped over the letter “X”, several brave LINC participants stopped by the nearby clinic to ask about x-rays, and were successful in finding their letter “X” item!

After the scavenger hunt, it was time for a feast. If you’ve never been to a LINC Potluck, you are missing out on one of the YMCA’s best kept secrets! There was delicious food from all over the world, and lots of beautiful homemade desserts to satisfy the sweet teeth in the crowd.

The LINC picnic was an excellent chance for students from all levels to mingle, play games, share food, and chat in English. After a long summer of studying, it was fantastic to relax and enjoy this time together. Even though the weather didn’t cooperate, we all had a blast. Way to go, South LINC! Congrats on another successful session, and a fun event for everyone.

A Successful Calgary Flames Grade 6 Membership Launch! [PHOTOS]

Thank you to everyone who attended the Grade 6 Membership Launch!

1297609000845Every YMCA location in Calgary held an event on Saturday, September 20 to celebrate and welcome our new grade 6 members. We even had a special visit from Harvey the Hound and Calgary Flames Center, Mikael Backlund.

Thanks to an amazing partnership with the Flames Foundation for Life, every grade 6 student in Calgary can receive a free YMCA membership!

Learn more about this initiative and how you can get your grade 6 student involved at the YMCA.



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Adventure Training: Family Swim to Survive

Fall is here.  This means your family adventures need to have a little bit more preparation.  May you be hiding behind that business suit, video game console, or TV screen, here at the YMCA we feel that you need to get out and experience new things first hand.  At the Saddletowne YMCA, we want to help to prepare for the season of adventures ahead.

Will you accept our mission of adventure?

Let us help prepare you for your latest adventure through the Family Swim to Survive this Saturday, September 27 for our Community Wellness Day at the Saddletowne YMCA.

Family Swim to Survive is an introductory swimming program in which we will teach you how to: Roll into the water, complete a front and back float, and swim 50 metres. All with the help of a qualified instructor and a handy lifejacket!

Make sure to register for your adventure training: Family Swim to Survive by visiting Member Services the day of the event.

Camp Chief Hector’s Free Flood Relief Weekends are Back for the Fall!

Was your family affected by the 2013 Southern Alberta Floods?

We’re welcoming all families affected by the floods to spend a weekend at Camp Chief Hector YMCA.


Reunite with nature and enjoy a weekend outdoors with the whole family. Try fun activities like the climbing wall, high and low ropes courses, arts and crafts, cookouts and campfires.

These weekends are a gift and are provided at no cost to flood-affected families. Funding is generously provided by the Government of Alberta.

Dates Available:

October 24-26       

October 31-Nov 2            

November 28-30                

You are welcome to come to any weekend for your family but may only attend once. These weekends are designated to encourage building strong relationships within your community.

Call 403-269-6156 to register.

Great Six Kick Off at Eau Claire!

Come join us as we celebrate the official launch of Our Great Six Initiative this Weekend! Eau Claire will be hosting an event from 1:00-3:30 on Saturday September 20th. All families interested in our Great Six memberships are welcome to attend. We will be offering free food – generously donated to us by Spolumbo’s - lots of activities, and some community guests. This is a great opportunity for families to come out and find out what our Grade Six memberships are all about.

Launch Event Poster - ECYPicture

Eau Claire’s Launch Schedule

For more information on our Grade 6 Launch, please visit:


Feel free to contact Sarah Thornton, Eau Claire YMCA Youth Coordinator at 403-781-1685 or e-mail her at


Community Wellness at Eau Claire YMCA

Join us for our first Community Wellness Day

Girl Standing out from Group_2255556

On Wednesday Sept. 24, the Eau Claire YMCA will be hosting its first Community Wellness Day from 10am to 2pm. Access the Y for free that day and make sure to bring a friend to try some fun stuff like TRX, Kettlebell, Tabata and much more. Check the free drop in activities schedule for more details on what we will be offering that day!

The following partners will be present to showcase some of their services and/or products:

  • Amaranth Foods
  • Eau Claire Community Association
  • London Drugs Pharmacy
  • The Distress Centre
  • Our own YMCA registered massage therapists

Make sure you participate in our draw to win a one-month membership!

We look forward to seeing you that day!